Thoughts and Word: Managing Our Words – Part 2

SPEAKER: Dr Ayo Ajim
TEXT: Prov 18:21, Matt 6:31, 2 Cor 10:3-5


your words can heal or kill and you have the consequences to face, so we have the responsibility to manage our words


Do not take a thought and empower it by saying ( vocalizing) the thought.

Thoughts put to words, can bring things to being and change destinies and circumstances

What you says has more influence over your life than what God Himself has said, what any man says, the devil says or what any man can say.

In life you do not get what you expect automatically, but you get what you negotiate. What you speak matters.

Choice proves love . A man on earth with no other woman to marry, if he marries the one woman on earth we can not prove love- maybe desperation. However amongst the many women on earth he chooses her, then that is love. Choices determine our outcome.

Mark11:22-24, “whatever” here implies the mountain is a metaphor for what ever monumental challenge which like a mountain that can not be moved, we are faced with. If we speak in faith by saying like it stated that here, the mountain will move based on our believe if we do not doubt . I have what I say. John 1 :1-4 God equates Himself with His word, if you want to know Him know His word.

Fighting self is similar to autoimmune disorders when immune fighter cells begin to fight natural cells . The enemies plan is to defeat us by letting us speak against ourselves, family, Church and things around me. Hebrew 3:1 NKJV Satan’s power lies in deception. Deceives you to fight you. “ An enemy in a me”

What you say matters more than what others say about you. He shall have what he says not what his neighbor says. Your confession based on a conviction of God’s word.

Rom 4 : 17 KJV people may not remember what you say but remember how you made them feel. Even music played make you want to buy in the mall as this is studied and heeded to put you in the spending mode. Credit card as opposed to cash with perks to make you spend more. Event movie industry is a play on emotions. God calls things that are not as though they are. He does not speak of what is as though it is not that would be a lie. He speaks not to emotions but according to what He wants to see.

Hebrew 3:1 NKJV Satan’s power lies in deception


Father help us to align our words with your words and our thoughts with yours . Help us to speak that which you say in our situations and circumstances. Help us know you more through knowing your word more

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