the indescribable gift of christmas - dr ayo ajim

The indescribable Gift of Christmas – Dr Ayo Ajim

Introduction: love ventilates itself through giving

  • Discussion: people give you a gift based on their perception of your value or based on need. The thought is what counts.
  • God’s gift of Christ is an expression of what God thinks of us and what we need.
  • The value is to show us how much God is in love with you.
  • Alcohol and anger make men loose all inhibitions and do what they never dreamt. The Holy Spirit fills you instead removing fleshly inhibitions making you capable of what you never imagined spiritually and physically for God’s glory.
  • Instead of making alcohol derail you get filled with the Holy Spirit.


Lord help us receive your gift and respond to your love. That our gift back to you, in service, in love and in worship, will be pleasing in your sight.

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