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Our Purpose (Why We Exist)
We exist to transform human lives through the Grace of God.

Our Vision (What We Intend to Do)
1) It is our vision that our Church will be a place where the lonely, the frustrated, the confused and the depressed will find help, love, acceptance, forgiveness and guidance.

2) It is our vision to share the Good News of Jesus. That Jesus Christ saves, heals and delivers today, in innovative and creative ways with the millions of residents of New York City and its environs, Houston Texas and its environs and the world at large

3) It is our vision to receive 40,000 members into our Church family loving, laughing, living and learning together in harmony, to assist in fulfilling the God-inspired purpose for his assembly.

4) It is our vision of developing people to spiritual maturity through Bible studies, seminars, conferences, conventions and Christian retreats. * It is our vision of equipping every believer for significant ministry by helping them discover their God-given gifts and talents.

5) It is our vision of empowering every member for a personal life mission, and sending members out on missionary projects to every continent on earth.

6) It is our vision of sponsoring a media ministry by way of TV and Radio broadcast, to preach and teach God’s word and sponsor Christ centered programs all around the world

7) It is our vision of owning a multipurpose Church complex in the New York area that will include a 5,000-seater worship center, building a GRACE DOME in Houston, Texas that will include a 10,000-seater worship center. Both facilities will also have counseling and prayer centers, classrooms for bible studies and training ministers and recreation areas, all designed to facilitate the accomplishment of this heavenly mandate.

Our Faith (What We Believe) 
We believe that the Bible is the final arbiter on all matters of life and conduct.

Our Values (What We Practice) 
We practice the outward expression of the Christian life, as a direct inward reception of Jesus Christ.

Our Target (Who We Are Called to Reach)
The unchurched, unsaved, untaught, and uncommitted residents of New York City, Houston, Texas and the WORLD at large.